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Why do students give up learning the piano?  

       Common reasons:

            -     boring drills and playing songs not of their choices
            -     unable to play a proper song after months or years of lessons
            -     uninteresting playing methods and techniques
            -     they think that they are not cut out to play the piano even when they actually love the pian

  Our Testimonials  
  Alyssa (Beginner)
Grade 3 practical exam, Merit
Yousheng (Beginner for 3 years)
Grade 3 practical exam, Distinction

       At Jazz Piano School, our students LOVE to play the piano and learn to play it well too. Our teaching method is performance-based
       and students will very soon become motivated by their own success in playing.

       It does not matter if you are a total beginner or one who has been playing the piano for many years. Join us to discover (or re-discover)
       the magical joy of playing the piano, and have fun just like what our students did!


Vanessa (Undergraduate)
Lounge piano, 1 month

Benjamin (SMU student)
Jazz piano, 3 months

Tony (Financial consultant)
Jazz piano, 6 months

Zhang Yu Chen (Student)
Classical piano, 1 month
New! concert clip

Sun Ru Shi (Lawyer)
Jazz piano, 3 months         
New! concert clip

Celest Chong (Marketing Manager)
Jazz Piano, 2 months