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  Pop Piano Course  

This course is suitable for all pop music lovers or anyone who wishes to be able to play your favorite tunes on the piano. The choices are limitless; you can choose to learn to play songs on the current hit lists, theme songs from popular TV drama serials, classic love songs from movies, memorable tunes from musicals, relaxing and soothing New Age piano pieces and many more. Piano playing has never been more enjoyable, and you may be amazed by the beautiful music you can make!  

  Course Structure  

    -          Chord progression
    -          Improvisation, fill-ins
    -          Arrangement
    -          Develop aural skills and play virtually any song by ear
    -          Up-to-date left-hand technique (advance bass work, chord inversion, chord substitution and chord/bass enhancement
-          Vocal accompaniment; Comping
    -          Rhythm patterns (Rock, Ballad, Bossa Nova, Samba, Ragtime, Blues, Swing)
    -          Theory (Understanding chord structure)
    -          Fingering technique
    -          Individual lesson