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  Jazz Piano Course  
  This course is for serious jazz music lovers who would like to stretch their musical potential by exploring the fascinating realm of jazz music.  Tired of sounding like an amateur? Using limited chord ideas and repetitive arpeggio runs? Learn from our top-notch jazz instructors who will unlock the secrets to jazz harmonization and show you the way in jazz improvisation in the shortest time. Our effective methods and musicality has earned us the top scorer in ABRSM (UK) Jazz Piano exam in 2017.  
  Course Structure  

   -          Improvisation

   -          Chord progression, chord substitution and chord/bass enhancement

   -          Up to date rhythm patterns (Bossa Nova, Samba, Ragtime, Blues, Swing, Rock, Funk)

   -         Modes and Blues scales

   -          Advance Bass work

   -         Freestyle right-hand soloing technique

   -          Jazz Theory (Understanding chord structure and scale pattern variation)

   -          ABRSM (UK) Jazz Piano certification (Optional)


  Gallery (Live performances by our students)  

Joy Heng (Spain by Chick Corea) 
Click to watch 

Cheryl Ng (Live Improvisation on Misty) 
Click to watch 

Eunice Teo (Over the rainbow) 
Click to watch