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  ABRSM Classical Piano Course  

Tired of the endless drills in scales and exam pieces? Rediscover the joy in classical music by expanding your repertoire beyond the standard exam pieces. Reacquaint yourself with compositions from the different periods, such as the intriguing Baroque pieces, alluring Classical sonatas, lyrical Romantic compositions or imaginative Modern pieces.  You will definitely become a better player if you enjoy what you play!

  Course Structure  

    -         ABRSM Grade 1 – 8 Practical & Theory
    -         ATCL& LTCL
    -         Learn to play additional songs besides exam pieces
    -        Master classes for concert performance
    -         Opportunities to perform in recitals and concerts
    -         2014/15 examination intake open now!!!
    -         Individual lesson

Emma playing Chopin's Etude,
NAFA Piano Recital 2010 - Click to view

  Our Students - Click to view  

Li Min, Chopin Etude in E, Piano Recital 2013 at Esplanade
6 year old Chiriro, Nutcracker Suite, Piano Recital 2012 at Esplanade

14 year old Shang Hui, Sonata in C sharp minor,, Piano Recital 2012 at Esplanade
Isaac, Bach Prelude and Fugue, Piano Recital 2009 at NAFA Theatre