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  Beginner Pop Piano Course  

“Is learning to play the piano difficult? Is it too late for me to start learning? Will it take me ages before I can play a song?” Learning to play the piano may seem like a daunting task to absolute beginners, but we believe that anyone who is able to hum a tune CAN play the piano. Allow yourself to be convinced by the mesmerizing music as you unlock the mystery to the piano keys. Like the saying goes, it’s “finger-tinkling” good!

  Course Structure  

    -          Play your favourite popular tunes in the shortest time with absolutely no music knowledge
    -          Lessons are tailored to suit your learning pace.
    -          Repertoire includes popular songs and standards
    -          Basic theory to read scores and recognise chords
    -          Left-hand rhythm coordination skills
-          Develop aural skills and play virtually any song by ear
    -          Major, minor scales and arpeggios
    -          Stress-free learning and easy to understand lessons
    -          Success guaranteed.
    -          Individual lesson
    -          Option to proceed to Pop Piano course (Intermediate)